BlueHawk and its key partners have been planning, designing, building, refurbishing and relocating major electrical power components and systems for over 30 years. Our management, engineering, technical staff and key subcontractors have decades of hands on experience in all fields of construction and power generation systems operations and facilities management.

These skills include technology/power selection, equipment selection, equipment overhauling, site design, procurement process management, shipping, installation, and startup of generating plants, transmission systems and all attendant equipment. The range of projects spans from small 1.5 MW hydroelectric plants in Alaska to 1,000 MW combined cycle natural gas fired turbine plants in the Middle East. 

Our team and key partners are also highly knowledgeable regarding the economics, opportunities and methods associated with developing renewable/alternative energy projects such as waste-to-energy, wind, solar/photo voltaic and biomass fed electrical projects.

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Coal fired, 550 MW, combined cycle power plant

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Natural gas fired, 430 MW, combined cycle power plant

BlueHawk Power ("BP") projects are a very good match for Asia's long-term LNG supply and Power Generation needs, providing an exceptional strategic foreign direct investment and operations opportunities.  BP provides local communities and State entities very unique programs and support  - ones targeted for power plant investment, operations and reliable long term LNG (natural gas) supplies.

The BP team is working closely with leading engineering and LNG transport, handling, re-gas technology companies who are skilled in the design, construction, and operation of LNG terminals, FSRUs (floating storage regasification units) (and other downstream-related products and power plants.
 The BP team is very experienced in infrastructure  projects and in dealing with international finance, insurance, logistics, and others as well as with specific and extensive knowledge of the Asian market. BP works closely with several key partners and finance companies to accomplish these very worthwhile projects and others..

Multiple sizes (200 MW - 800 MW) of combined cycle, highly efficient, natural gas and coal fired electricity generating power plants that are designed, constructed, operated and maintained by BlueHawk's skilled and experienced team using natural gas as feed stock supplied in the form of LNG before re-gasification. 

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